Sex Girl Pee Her Pants

Ms D’s Stinko De Mayo!!

Here are some FUNKY clips from Ms D she sent a few days ago!! One of my OG FUNKY Ladies, Ms D still graces me with her prescence from here and there. As usual the results are awesome!! Enjoy Three Great clips from the office as Ms D Comes in and snap, crackle, and Plops!! Enjoy as she squats over the bowl in a few of the scenes with her ass in the air to get those turds out!! As always plenty of great grunting, plopping and straining as well!!

Receiving My Mistresses Spit And Piss! Full Movie

Full movie – I’m a pathetic slave and submissive to my Mistresses? Today they will feed me their spit and make me drink their foul smelling piss because I have disobeyed them by peeping at their room while they fuck each other! I MUST OBEY and LISTEN to my Mistresses so they do not punish me!

Mercy Overdue Part 3

This Movie also known as ‘Sweet Girl, just dont let her tie you up..’ is one of the highest complimented Videos we have. The Girls went a Bit Overboard using the poor Slave. Part 3 with TifanyEnglish Subtitles