Sex Girl Shits While Anal

Mistress Roberta – Fast And Delicious Shit-pov

Today i came prepared to not let you wait and shit and pee in the same time doing a nice little lake and an pie looking shit not so hard not so soft just the right texture and the smell just to draw you faster to eat it so enjoy this fast breakfast shit you have .

The Biggest Sausage Ever!!!

This is one of my biggest shit sausages ever!! Wow,so so very thick,big and long,i think 30 cm long……I lie naked on the floor and must shitting too much,my rosette opening so crass and i mus press,then comes slowly the Monster sausage!! You can see the shit near ,extra for you i zoom with the camera!! Can you eat a so very big portion?

Royal Ts Burger

Lady Mandy prepares an extreme specialty burger so that the slave gets to eat his daily.

Quick Pooping Clip

Sorry! I have no time for you today!! I will shit quickly…