Sex Lesbian Poop

Sugar Hill’s Taking It To The Floor Again!!

Sugar Hill is back with four awesome EFRO Clips!! She loves to spread that big ole’ juicy ass and unleash the FUNK – all over her floor!! She begins with a quick standing clip, before hitting the floor push out another quick but huge mudpile. Then she feels the urge to push out more, but only got out one measly log. LOL but she decided to have a little fun with it!! In the finale, she squats and drops a big pile. Four fun clips from Sugar Hill!

My First Solo Scat Smearing

This video i will play and smear shit in my face and breast. Also i taste and eat a little.

Ms D’s Cup Runeth Over!!

Ms D is back!!! Looks like that Flaxseed has done a hurting on her guts!! Enjoy as she blows the office bathroom up with some of her most explosive clips ever!!! What the Hell did she eat!! Some serious Farts and diarrhea in this one!! For you mudbutt lovers this is a MUST!!! She splattered so bad in one scene it got all over the seat!! Four Explosive clips recorded over a two day span. All the grunting, straining, farting, exploding, shitting you can handle!!! The Noises coming out this woman – goodness gracious!!! Ms D will always be a personal favorite for me as she has always been a day one FUNKY lady!! A Fabulous return to form!!