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Mistress Anita Pissing In Throat After Fucking

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Female Boss Defecates Inside New Male Employee’s Mouth!

When this woman heard that there is a new recruit inside the workplace, she immediately takes advantage of her position! She summons the man inside her office where she then throws him on the floor! He is caught off-guard, as a result, he is left frozen and unable to fight back! This made it easy for the dominatrix to sit on his face and smother him with her crotch! Though, this is just the beginning and the worst is yet to come! Eventually, she pulls him up but only to strip him of his shirt! She then lays him back on the ground, though, this time, she doesnÂ’t just sit on his face! She also defecates on top of his mouth! Immediately, he turns around to get the feces off of him! Unfortunately, the woman is fast to grab him by the hair and then bury his face on her poop!

Old Man Trains To Become A Dungeon Slave! – Part 1

They subject him to all sorts of hardships. They whip his delicate body, they prod his mouth with a dildo, and they try to control his breathing. They sit on his face to see how much he is willing to take.