Sex On The Toilet Shitting

Nasty Shit

As I walk in my expression is cold and unyielding and you see how powerful I am as I matter-of-factly tie the slave’s hands. But you soon get to see my beautify smile as I slap the slave’s balls.Then I take my place over your face on my toilet seat and your unworthy eyes gaze upon my perfect ass. The lips of my young pussy are full and dark red as they hang down from between my legs and my tiny, tight asshole is almost lost in the gorgeous globes of my ass checks. But after the slave, with some encouragement from my whip, licks my asshole for a while it becomes larger and starts to protrude down toward its face. I even spread my legs and finger my own pussy it feels so good. The slave licks devotedly as this is the only form of contact it is allowed with my body—aside from when I hurt its balls! Poor slave, so close to my pussy and yet so far.The shit emerges silently from the incredible beauty of my ass. The contrast is incredible, like the contrast between you, a toilet, and a man. Then I make the slave thoroughly clean my ass and encourage it with more whipping.Finally I get up from the toilet to further encourage the slave, using my whip to make it lick my shit from the floor. I am wearing high heels and nothing else below the waste so you see my perfect smile and perfect pussy as I beat the worthless toilet. It whimpers “please” like a baby animal as I laugh.

Scat Pigs Filthy Trio. Part 3

Here is our newest shit eating, shit sucking and shit fucking party. Really One more epic movie, if you liked our previous film – you will be impressed because this one is bigger and better, with more instant pervert and filthy action. Just see the screens yourself. Complete movie goes around 3 hours. Probably one of the best scat action in the whole scat industry of all times.Surely – show us that our effort means something, if this video will be bought a lot of times – soon we will make video where we are playing and fucking with shit which we will save for around a month in a freezer.We need your support, and signs that you like our movies and want us to continue.. see us in our incredible, pervert scat action.Enjoy.

Mistress Gaia – Aching Balls & Scat Lunch – Hd Version

You will kneel before me as I sit on my throne. I’m going to give you specific instructions as I prepare you. Firstly, it is important to understand how fortunate you are to be beneath me as I begin. You are allowed to take out you cock but don’t touch it without my permission. I will tease you and make you suffer until you are desperate to cum. I begin with a little striptease. As I remove my stockings, I can see in your eyes you would like to touch me. I continue until my beautiful body is naked. I am going to prepare a delicious lunch for you. So I piss in a bottle, and shit in your little lunchbox. However, as my slave your going to have to perform a task for me. You will get some cord and tie it tightly around you balls until they change colour, preferably purple. Then you will get a wooden spoon or similar, and beat you balls at least (forty times) until they ache. Only after that time, you may open your lunch box, and pee bottle. You now have my permission to cum. How fortunate a slave you are to have this experience with Mistress Gaia…

Cigarette On The Toilet

Smoking a cig while I take a shit, and show you the final product!