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Mistress Roberta -corn Shit And Pee Lake-pov

Today i give you your new breakfast with alot of pee to start with and a nice corn shit at the beggining is hard and cracked so you can see the corn inside and the rest is softer and creamy and at the end i pee again for some more flavour so enjoy your breakfast today slave .

Mistress Gaia Underpants Scat

You are dying to see my pristine white pants, fill up to completely change color… Isn’t it? Let my ass swishing in a sea of shit and my underwear be imbued with a nauseating smell of shit, just like it is for the baby diapers…

Pee In His Mouth Cum In My Pussy

After emptying my bladder in hubbys mouth, he stands up to fuck me still dripping with my urine:)