Sexy Asian Shitting

Mistress Gaia – Holidays Scat

Hello my faithful slaves, I’m just back from holidays, but not only Me, also my personal shit-eating is just back from holidays, and he wants this wonderful surprise, not only he wants my shit in his sewer, but he will eat it completely!

Kates Shit The Xiu Order

Pretty little kate has retaining shit for 2 day for make the Xiu order the biggest possible, it was a success. 🙂 You can order the kate poop too

Diarheea In Tan Pantyhose

Today Mistress shitting twice and want to offer those gifts for all her members, guests and fans from here !! Enjoy her shitting actions, first one in tan pantyhose, and then in a blue ones, with foot shitting writing action. Mistress was herself at home and feeling so horny to feel her shit outside her body, dripping from her asshole to her pussy lips. Enjoy it and become our fan in 2016, more kinky and perverse action !!!

No Toilet Paper

I just scream at the Slave to reach me his Face to clean my Butt. English Subtitles