Sexy Blonde Fart

2 Piss Addicts, Outdoor, Sluts!

I was traveling with my girlfriend Steffi, on Father’s Day, Outdoor and slutty. We met a group of men and asked them to fill us with piss. Unfortunately only one of the guys could piss, the others stood with full bladder in front of us and had a blockade. The one, fortunately, much pissing, missed us a horny piss shower. He pissed me in my mouth and on our tits. Have Steffis tits clean licked and she has blown the tail clean! We gave ourselves, horny piss kisses!

Have Myself Pissed In My Mouth! Selfpee

Drink and swallow, not just like the piss of others, but also my own spicy-pee. The best of course tastes straight from the source! So I piss me with a full beam itself in my greedy mouth!

Thick Chocolate Balls Shitting Under Heavy Presses

Oooh but I had to push quite a bit and moan until the big things were out there 😉