Sexy Blonde Vomits While

Desperate Panty Poop

This is a desperation and panty pooping video. I am trying to get into the bathroom but the door is jammed. I shout and pull on the door as hard as I can because i’m getting desperate, and not for a pee! I pull on the door, grunting with the effort, hop around, jumping up and down holding my ass in desperation. Eventually I realise it’s going to come out whether I get into the bathroom or not, so I give up and just let it happen. A big, smelly log comes out and fills my panties, making me moan with a mixture of relief and disgust. I leave it there for a minute, holding my ass, and eventually I take the panties off, holding the poo in my hands. I act with disgust, holding the log away from me and scrunching up my nose at the smell. I spread my cheeks and look down at the big brown mess covering most of my ass, all rubbed into my skin. I am so embarrassed, it’s so gross!

The Queen With A Funnel And Then Let The Slave Drink Urine

Slave lick the queen’s feet and high heels, the queen slave anus with rubber gloves. The queen on the slave’s mouth began to pee

Cori’s Treat Bag!!

Cori reached into her bag of treats to put out one of her FUNKIEST loads yet!! Enjoy as she squats and releases a massive load of pee and poo into a plastic bag. This is one of her biggest piles ever!! She then picks it up and puts in the bowl. Don’t you want a bag of goddies from this gorgeous BBW!! She really reached into her “trick bag” on this one!!!

College Babe Demi Shits In The Toilet Bowl

College babe Demi shits in the toilet bowl