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Dirty Piss Party 03 (nikki Cam)

I invited my cute little friend Asian Princess to come and humiliate my subs. These pathetic creatures deserves what they have coming, and a coming it will be.. ;)My friend want to fill up their pathetic mouths with her pee, so I order the slave to lie down and get ready. It is very hot outside, and I tell him that this will be the only beverages he will receive this day! So either drink our pee, or suffer from dehydration and the punishment for not following my orders!First my friend struggles to pee, so I take charge, and start peeing in both my subs mouths. They should be so lucky receiving these precious golden showers from a beautiful Princess like me! After emptying my bladder, my friend is ready and fill up the subs pathetic mouths with her precious pee as well.




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Mistress Gaia Scat After Gym

I just finished working out and I’m all sweaty. The room is invaded by the wonderful aroma of my sweat and my smelly and sweaty socks … but I decided to add another sweet fragrance scents the room: the smell of my shit! And it is right that you train yourself in your favorite sport: I want you to become a true champion-eating shit!