Sexy Girl Huge Poo

3 It’s The Perfect Number!

A new super toilet fetish video… want to spy me with this hot frame… one cam next to my ass… another under my ass… and the third one framing the expressions of my face! Extremely hot video with a lot of soft poo!

Shitting False Around The Toilet

Until I noticed that wars too late! Since my sausage pieces came right out my little asshole! Close-up at the end, of course 🙂

Helpless Slave With Two Mistress – Part 1

They make him lick their assholes to prep them up for pooping! After a few minutes, they unload clumps of solid shit that they will make him eat later!

1 Kg Of Shit

My favorite curvy model, Demetra (23 years old), is giving me great satisfaction. I asked her to stay at least two days without going poop to produce a video in which there was a kilo of shit. A mountain of steaming turds. Well, in effect, she deposits an incredible pile of warm shit: it will seem incredible that only one girl is able of doing so much shit! Evidently at Christmas she has eaten a large amount of food indeed. For fans of very large quantity of shit, this is a must watch video.