Sexy Girl Pee

Bad Painted P1

The slave has to paint the apartment of Scatqueens and makes it really bad. Lady Sandy and Mistress Michelle come over to see if the slave is done with the work. The slave greets the scatqueens with feet kissing. He is then spit in his mouth and he can immediately put under the toilet seat, because Lady Sandy must shit.

Peeing In The Kitchen Sink

Peeing in the kitchen sink (JJ000140)

Scatology Experiements! – Full Movie

These girls are part of an underground experiment. They are subjected to drinking piss, eating shit, and crawling all over the floor. They willingly take piss and shit on their mouths and lick filth off cunts and assholes. The scientists are having a ball letting the girls do what they are told.

Suck Your Cock While I Scat!

Beautiful and willing. She is happy to please you by sucking your cock and allowing use of her body. She will let you fuck her, she will suck your cock. But while she does this, she will unleash liquid scat to push her aroma and smell mixed with the smell of your sex! ***SPECIAL DISCOUNT***