Sexy With Big Poop

The Whole Toilet Shit

I have such a diarrhea that day I’ve been to the bathroom four times but I still had to work full time. I have sat down so that you really only see that it falls in the toilet but that it shoots out my ass I would not have expected.

Billie’s Big Fat Dump!!

Billie was really pushing out some serious Monsters in these two clips!! enjoy two great clips. The first an early morning dump at home right before she hopped in the shower. Enjoy as she expunges some massive logs from that fat ass of hers!! Then enjoy as she has even more to crank out at work!! Fat Booty = Fat logs!! Billie was really pushing them out in this video!!

5 Horny Shit Servings

Whether hard, soft, from the front or from behind. Here you get 5th new shit videos. Watch me as I fuck with my horny my ass and press the same five times