Sexy Woman Shits In Guys Mouth

Complete Shit – Hd Version

I’m in boots and stockings came into the room where I was waiting for my submissive slave toilet. He was so helpless and asked me to shit in his mouth. Pathetic stupid pig open his mouth wider, so I was shitting right in this mouth a more more big shit. He likes it very much.

Mistress Roberta – Full Plate Of Shit And Pee For Breakfast-pov

This morning my toilet slave will be thrilled when he will see how much the plate will be full with pee and shit, first i pee as usual, after i poop, and before you are licking clean my asshole and after you eat the delicious treat i just made for you .

Wet Smother & Enema

A clip from another store I am now bringing to Yezz. Named TOILET BENCH TWO (Alternative Angle). The slave spent the entire night, aproximately 6 hours strapped and secured into this bench. Fighting for each breath under my ass as I used his face as my own personal gaming stool. Peeing whenever I needed to and relieving any gas from my gaming munchies and soda. He endured all. Cut down to show only the action during the night. But I felt a little blocked up toward the end.. and there was something more than gas lurking.. what better way to clear myself and humiliate my bitch than an enema?! I fill my ass, and empty it into his mouth before sitting right back on his face and continuing my game. And his mouth was filled.

No Need For Talking Part 4

Part 4 of the Movie ‘No Need for talking with Nataly’ .Here the Slave is already set up as Toilet with a Mouth Opener in Place comfortable for the Girls to use. The Girl just opens his Mouth with the Switch tied to his Arm, poops into him and after finishing she sits down on the Chair next to it and keeps her Shoe on his Mouth until he swallowed all and leaves. Movie has english Subtitles