Shannon Daughter Porm Spoof

A Horny Caviar-cock

Rosella and I once again invited two toilet slaves. There is nothing better than to chat with a friend sitting on the toilet while filling a slave with shit.The slaves do their services very well. Rosella’s fat heap is obviously causing her toilet slave some problems. The toilets are apparently blocked and do not want to swallow properly.But nothing of the divine caviar is left unused here. The other slave is smeared with the excess caviar. Especially the tail we covered with a thick layer of shit.This slave of his fellow sufferer has the slave now to blow nice deep. Because who does not want to swallow, must suck. 🙂

Kimi Cat Scat And Vimit In The Toilet

once again Kimi Cat use a worthless loser for shitting and vomiting in his mouth.

User, Outdoor Pissing In His Mouth!

Here you see how I pee in his mouth at my public Roost action, on 17/04, a user, public and he afterwards me, licking my pussy clean! Everything dared in front of spectators and with Dirty Talk!

Scat Crush

I scat a small heap (a little pee comes naturally) and crush it with my gorgeous red Hells