Shariing Poop

127. Shit For Breakfast

I dont have much time before work but I have to shit badly! My toilet slave is waiting for his breakfast under my toilet seat. After he kissed and licked clean my dirty feet he is able to lick my asshole and smell my farts. Yes, farts mean that his breakfast is done and coming very soon. – Open your fucking mouth slave and take that hot shit! He cant hold it all in his mouth because it is so big and smelly mmmm. But he cant waste it, my shit is very expansive indeed! I have some piss juice for him too!I really enjoy this but I am late for work so my ass must be clean! -Lick my asshole clean slave, I have to go after 5 minutes, do it now! He is a really good slave and after work, I will give him to lick my pussy if the house and my shoes are clean when I get back.

Dig This Shit Outta My Ass

Mistress Raw Desires uses this yellow chair as her support as she spreads her fat nasty ass to take a juicy shit. She uses both of her hands to hold her ass cheeks apart to allow you shit slaves to have a closer view. Listen as she moans and groans to the sensation of her letting out juicy turds. Watch as her pussy creams and she shit explodes out of her ass. She commands you to stick your tongue in her fat ass too pull out the rest of the shit. You Nasty MUTHERFUKERS come get

Mistress Gaia Wish You A Merry Christmas

At Christmas, we are all good and … I confess, I’m too,! So I decided to give you your most valuable asset, my shit, using the special christmas wrapping paper. The letters of your wishes are finally fulfilled. Next slaves, bon appetit! We know that the holidays are made for the big binge, come on!