She Cuts The Shits

Madame Du B Perfect Shits

Madame Du B teases you with her big round perfect turd cutter then drops some perfect turds into her waiting toilet. Be sure to see, tribute and follow the bootyful on Twitter; @Ms_Du_B you will not be disappointed.

He Must Eat My Shit!

— ENGLISH SUBTITLES –I’m back, slaves.After a two month’s break, I begin again to upload clips regulary.In this little introduction, I show you how I start to train my slave to eat full loads of shit with his face in a garbage bag, so garbage is just he is for me.This time he was so lucky and, so I had to going out on party with my friends, I let him a portion of shit inlaid in his nose.Of course, after make him eat a big part of my shit, between some spit, snots and a few stombs with my black and sexy boots.He had to stay all night still I come again with my shit glued in his nosetrails, inhaling the smelly odor of my tasty waste.Great pee drinking and shit eating. Enjoy it!Mail contact:

Panty Girl Has Fun

Panty Girl has fun with Isabelle Extreme and one male