She Farts Anal

Lady Yana Crapped In My Mouth With A Sweet Diarrhea

Lady Yana crapped in my mouth with a sweet diarrhea. Today I felt the taste of Yana’s shit. It was really sweet! I waited so long for this moment that I quickly and happily ate everything that her ass unloaded into my mouth.

Mistress Gaia – Delicious Choice

Today, I have your dog bowls ready for you to have your break. Since you have been a good puppy, I’m going to give you a huge lunch, a selection of the biggest shit I have done along with my pee. I’m not sure which one that you would like to begin with, that’s entirely up to you. However, I want you to enjoy the treats I have provided for you. Also, you must make sure you finish everything or I’ll be extremely upset and will have to punish you severely. Buon appetito!!

Jessica Chase In My First Mouthful

I always wanted to know what a mouthful of pee tasted like. I opened up and let him fire in, not too bad I thought. I cannot wait to tell my friends about this and have them try too. Please enjoy my first video of many!