She Is Touching Poop In Asshole

Shit In Front Of The Girlfriend In The Slave Mouth

The girlfriend of Scatqueen Lady Domi is back visiting. Since the toilet slave is there, he serves the girlfriend as a footstool. He has to lick the shoes and soles of Lady Domi clean and gets spit from both ladies in the mouth. Lady Domi whips him then and kick him in his slaves eggs, that he bends. Then he must serve as a human toilet. Lady Domi shits, spits, pisses and pukes one after another in his filthy mouth. Everything swallowed good again. He wants to look good in front of the girlfriend of Lady Domi.

Manure From Shit And Piss For The Slaves! Toilet Slave Meal! Part 2

Manure from shit and piss for the slave! Toilet slave meal! Part 2: After I had for the slave, a large sausage shit, shitting and pissing in a bowl and he licked my asshole clean. I have him by means of a spoon, with my shit and piss, garnished with my spit, fed! Because it lasted to long time to fed him so, I poured him all the manure in his mouth, so he had to swallow everything in order not to choke!

Long Sausage Close Up

Longer and longer this beautifully shaped, dark sausage comes crawling out of my butt hole – so close you look how first comes out the hard heads and then more and more dark chocolate sausage until it is creamy at the end and I have to push it a little, so everything comes out.All with beautiful transparent stockings and heels, very ladylike!