She Males Acciddently Piss Diring Anal

Deserve Breakfast From Mistress Janet!

My toilet slave was very hungry today. This is his breakfast! I cook and serve at the same time, because I real Mistress. I shitting right on the plate, in front of his nose . It is looking so delicious … and my shit smelling so wonderful. I will feed him with a spoon and he must eat all my shit. mmm … so delicious! He will also have to serve me as toilet paper. Lick my shitty asshole!

Wet Jeans

Outside it is still so warm and sunny. I will just piss in my tight jeans and then jump into the pool ^ ^

Grooming New Slave Into Scatology! Part 1

Mistress is grooming and preparing her slave for his first day of scatology experience!

Pissing And Shitting In The Bath Tube

An old italian proverb says: Time and Ass… they do as they want. The proverbs of the elderly tell always the truth: the physiological needs are in fact unpredictable, so you can have a stimulus in the most unexpected moment, even while you are in the bath tube. In this video you’ll see me pissing and shitting in the bath foam.