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Slave Girl First Time Creamed With Scat

The slave girl comes into contact with caviar for the first time. One after another, she is being attacked by Rosella and the Contessa. And it seems the little pig seems to like it. Having become horny, she rubs her young body with the shit of her mistresses, while the slave must enviously watch as the slave receives the noble gifts of her mistresses.

Mistress Roberta – Diarrhea, Pee, Flegms And Spit-pov

Today i have a new pair of non panties i took on is a kind of panties without behind and even the pussy is free so the pee and the poop can be easy done with those type of panties on and after i pee and shit i spit and did flegms and spit them into the shit and when i finish i mix them up and find some hard pieces of shit for you to suck playing with my hand in the shit with the latex glove on so enjoy your breakfast.

The Piss Dirt Sow!

Here I’ll bottled by 4 guys with extremely salty piss and used as a living urinal! Have again swallowed greedily all the guys piss. So it should be as a dirty pig!

Postman Licks My Pussy Til I Cum!

I had such a huge pressure at my bladder so I had to fob my girlfriend at the phone. Immediately after I ran into the bathroom. Only few moments later my panties were down – and suddenly the door bell ringed – it was the postman! I begged him to follow me into the bathroom… PLEEEAAASE – fast! I was near to piss into my panties! The cheeky postman really followed me into the bathroom and watched me peeing! I already thought that he will become horny – but that he wanted to lick my pussy clean… so long that I reach an orgasm… that was something I haven’t reckoned! But I really love it when foreign guys lick my wet pussy clean!!