She Poop While

Nightly Diarrhea

It’s been a hard day’s night! I tried to sleep, but I could not. So I wanted to take a shower. When I entered the bathroom, the slave was waiting for me in his usual place. He is my toilet! So I took a shower and made the slave kiss my pretty legs, lick my anus deep with his tongue, and open his mouth. Open it wide and don’t close it until I finish shit. The smell was terrible, because I ate a lot of cherries and plums – my shit was liquid. But my toilet slave likes me when I have diarrhea. After the toilet he licked my ass clean. I used his tongue as toilet paper. And I went to sleep!

Happy New Toilet!

Once one very hungry and pathetic slave waited for miracles in new year. He couldn’t even present in the dreams as far as he will be successful in his insignificant life. At this time in his life appear a new beautiful and delicious young model Adelina. She’s the most beautiful girl and she loves BDSM. Her favorite hobby to humiliate and dominate her slaves. In this video clip she allows the slave to kiss her pretty legs, to suck the fingers of her feet, she spits in his mouth and she very sexually licks his face. Her delicious saliva comes out from her mellow lips, wich so want to kiss and taste this sweetness…she’s just incredibly heavy! Adelina makes the slave to lick her asshole and eat her big butt. She is very excited when slaves lick her ass. Also slave must lick her pussy and ass to make it shine from purity. This girl sucks a strap-on and puts this dick deeply in his throat. She took off her panties and shoved them into slaves mouth. Now she filled his mouth with shit and he must eat all the shit otherwise she will angry and punish him. She loves to dominate and humiliate her slave, to fill his mouth with shit. Now he is expected by only unique emotional life to become her toilet! Adelina wiped her ass with toilet paper and put them in his mouth. So the slave became Adelina toilet! Come back to our stories….

Rebekka Lets You Watch Her Piss

Rebekka Fox hangs up a towel quickly, before she has to visit the toilet urgently. Her blister is hurting under pressure; but for showing you how hot her piss-show is, she undresses completely before. Then she sits down on the toilet bowl with spread legs and starts peeing. You’ll be really close to see how it runs out of her pussy.

Shit Games Part 1

Susan & Marc have nice evening with Asslicking, Shit, Fucking and a Scat Blowjob.