She Pooped On Me

Horse Back Riding Princess Style I Part 3 Samantha

The Girls just need Amusement. So we had the Idea first we poop into his Mouth, then we move our Butt a little more backward to restrict his Breathing. That makes him Panic and he starts behaving like a Horse.Part 1,2 and 4 are the juciest onesEnglish Subtitles

Mistress Roberta-shitting On The Massage Table-pov

Today i have my ecological leather pants on i will push them aside so i can shit while i have them still on but just under the ass cheeks so i can shit directly on the massage table place you will serve the breakfast too, enjoy!

Human Toilet And Human Bidet!

Here we have another episode from the human toilet. Here we have a stranger who comes to release her scat into the mouth of the public human toilet. After filling his mouth, she gets cleaned and pleasured by the tongue of a human bidet!