She Poops In His Toilet

Smothering By My Shit

Nice evening time for use toilet slave in his direct duties. He licked my ass with pleasure while I’m endure, not to give a shit in his throat. I smothered him by my huge ass. He gasped and moaned with happiness. He stuck out his tongue so much that I could feel it in my ass. For him it was a sweet moment of pleasure. I could no longer hold back my toilet urgency and do relief on the slave’s face. I shoved it in his mouth all the shit that came out from me. Look at my submissive bitch. His appointment to serve a toilet for me.

You Made Us Angry Eat Our Shit!

this slave makes us so angry, not standing our whipping, in this case he needs to eat our shit!

Again, A Hard Boulder Shitting In Lying

I put them back in front of you, haul out against my ass and shit going on!