She Shit Anal

Smoking Redd Blowing An Ass Gasket!!

Smoking ReddÂ’s ass was on fire!! Feel sorry for whoever had to go in after her at work!! Enjoy as she blows up the bowl in four awesome clips!! A nice mix of peeing, farts, sharts, and bubbleguts! One of her most explosive clips to date!!

Slave Training Fully Loaded! – Part 2

She smears the sticky shit all over his face and makes him eat it. He moans in protest, wanting her to stop for a while. Irritated by the interruption, she shoves her foot in his mouth and makes him eat more shit.

Very Big Pissbeam And A Shit Sausage

I must so much pissing,a very very long and big Pissbeam!! I Lying on the table in my Nylons,then i shit a long sausage,i must press before she comes out!! Come and knees under your Mistress Candy and open your Mouth for a big Portion Piss and shit…..

Custom Chair Pooping!

One of my fans wants me to make a video of me pooping and peeing in a chair with my legs above my head and lucky for him I hadn’t pooped in two days so it was a big, messy poo with pee that shoots out like a rocket and gets everywhere!