She Shit On Herself

Daddy Please No!

I’m late my daddy is in home alone… When I return he is he is so angry. He immediately tells me I will have to be punished for my behavior. It makes me to hold a hitachi vibrating in the legs. I’m so wet and start to moan. But I tell him, Dad must go to the bathroom! He does not let me go … I’m totally wet… more and more wet… I can’t resist! Let’s go to the floor. Daddy fucks me hard to make me squirt everywhere. A strong character video. For an extreme roleplay.

Lady Devil – Notorious Wanker P1

Lady Devil and this toiletslave are meeting for the first time. The toiletslave groans and begs for food. Well, this is what she was waiting for. Watch it, the way how Lady Devil is brushing the toiletslaves teeth with a special toothpaste, humilate him, spitting at him, using him as an human ashtray and let him eat her shit.

Pee Into Buntler Mouth

149.2 And now a very close up pissing directly into the mouth of my boutler. MP4