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Sweep Off My Shit

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Teacher Dearest Scats For Cash!

Teacher needs to make some extra cash and the principal offers her a way to make it. Scat in exchange for cash, that’s the deal. Enticed by the deal, she sits on the couch and slowly takes off her clothes, showing off her smooth tits and ass. She steps on the desks and squats above the tissue-covered floor. There she ejects out little chunks of scat, dropping right to the floor. She picks the chunks using chopsticks and presents it to him for inspection. Satisfied, he hands over the cash and tells her to come back next week.

Emergency Trashcan Wmv

I’m in the kitchen and I do not have time to go to the toilet and don’t want to pee in my pants. Trashcan is the best place to pee and turd. I lower pants and sit on the trashcan. I’ll show you my mess. I say you sniff my stink , lick my dirty ass and you eat my shit with trashcan.