Shit A Lot Of Shit

A Toilet Slave Of The Asian Goddess

This is the slave trained by the Asian goddess, and the slave is very good. Eat all the feces that the goddess ruled out

Enema And Crap Room (and Sofa)

Seems today I took a dump on themselves, smeared and ruined enema favorite sofa of my “daddy”..He will be very angry..But before he comes I have everything for a good mood!) Wiping still-warm shit in my sweet body I’m almost cumming, I sucked my dirty tights, and a little masturbating. Warm brown stream gushes out of my ass and fills the room..Want to see? As usual super low price and transcendent quality..This is the final part of my “laxative adventure” Ahead a lot, stay tuned, stay connected, email me and leave feedback love you)) *bark*

Booom !!

A big ChunkP00P & strong PEE!

Billie Blowing It Up As Usual!!

Billie is Back again dropping another Funky load at work!! Enjoy her loud farts and water splashing plops along with the sound of her co-workers as they use the toilet as well. She props that big ole ass of hers nice and up close on that asshole as the logs fall out!! I swear for goodness each clip just gets better than the other!! Bonnie is a certified Shit Machine!!