Shit An Vomit

Domi Scat And Puke

Domi gives the slave a good lesson how to swollow a lot of ship and vomit. very intensive clip.

Lady Sandy – The Slave Introduction

A while ago Lady Sandy told her mother some secrets. Now, Lady Sandy shows her mother a toilet slave in reality . Because both just came from a riding session, they are still in riding boots which are quite dirty. Lady Sandys mother is not at all as passive as I had imagined and she gives the slave commands. She is very interested in trying out the whip. But they also like to take the nipple clamps and especially the brackets with the bells that hurt a lot.

Two Horny, Fat Servings Corn-kv

The cool thing is that the corn comes out almost undigested. So there is this time a fat sausage with yellow corn 😉 One time as a full body shot with face, once as a Close-up