Shit And Bidet

Mistress Roberta Hosiery Shit With Her Toilet

Another scat movie with romanian Mistress Roberta. She continue to record her dirty movies ! Today she use her slave for a pantyhose worshipping session, smelling, sniffing, licking her hosiery….then she have a new idea for shitting part : into a bag ! Her toilet must consume all her kaviar as usually or he will remain more time in his chastity !

Shitting In Her Sleep!

Peeing in bed like a baby is too tame for this girl sleeping soundly in her bed. In her state of slumber, she lets out a smelly wet fart and makes her panties damp. A few moments later, shit spurts from her assshole, scattering feces all over her panties and spilling into the bed. She goes on with her sleeping as if nothing is happening.

The Shit Burger Part1

Mistress Michelle, Lady Sandy and her girlfriend starting an trip with a sulky. A slave from Mistress Michelle draw the sulky. Mistress Michelle gives him a rest. Now the slave have to eat the chewed and crushed food from the riding sole. All the ladies laugh, because all the food is surrounded by sand.