Shit And Pee In Public

Oxana: Poop In Pink Panties

Oxana loves the feeling when warm poo running down in her pink pantes.

Mistress Lilly Masturbating And Shitting At Home 2

Mistress Lilly just record more movies in her home. She love to shit everywhere, room, bathtub, bathroom, etc ! She can do also a huge shit anywhere in public wc, or other public places! She is one of the best kinky and bizarre Goddesses who love shit playing !!

Diva Staxxx’s Run & Shoot!!!

Diva Staxxx’s Bowels weren’t the only thing on the move in these three clips!!! Enjoy these reality series clips as Staxxx begins at Mickey D’s. Looks like breakfast ran right through here! She mentions “I almost myself!” before pulling her pants down. Then of course she discovers there is no TP in the dispenser and has to scramble to another stall for a roll before immediately dropping a huge load in the bowl!! In the second scene, we see Staxxx out in the streets as she mentions she just drank some Cappuchino and smoked a blunt. Coffee and Smoking are natural diruetics and of course she damn near herself again!! So enjoy as she pulls into a gas station and walks through the store to the bathroom. She races to prop the camera then releases another wet, FUNKY load at the gas station. She tells the funny story about how she was gonna go at the same Mcdonald’s as the first scene but it was closed!! So she had to lock her booty and race to this gas station. She wasn’t finished there!! In the final scene as soon as she gets to her mother’s house She strips down and takes another before getting in the shower . She was feeling nasty after all day!! Three Great clips showing how sometimes happens anywhere!!