Shit Ating Apanese

I Pooped On The Public Shithole!

This shithole is like the glory hole but instead of asking for cock, the occupants is asking for feces. One day I went to a popular shithole and I found someone who’s begging to eat my shit. So I squatted over the hole and unloaded my sticky and foul-smelling turd. Dude opened his mouth and took it all in! Damn!

Teenage Scat Model

A sensational looking fashion model was filmed during her first scatsex experiences. Yes, she is into it..

Mistress Gaia Holiday Scat

I’m on vacation and I’m just relaxing. Before go to the beach I step out of the bathroom and do a pretty tasty piece of shit, all to yourself. For now you can only contemplate but on my return, finally, you can start to enjoy it 😉