Shit Baseball Bat

Casually Pissing And Shitting While Getting Ready

Imagine a world when cute girls hanging out just pissed and shit right where they were standing and it was no big deal! Maybe they do when they’re behind closed doors, who knows? ;D I’m getting ready for a big beach party which means putting on makeup, gossiping and drinking with my best girlfriend, (who does not appear on film). If I have to pee while I’m putting on my mascara, I freely let it flow down my legs and onto the floor – and same when the urge comes to shit – I even end up sitting on it a little bit ;o Take a peek into this sexy alternate universe!

Fat Woman With Hairy Pussy Pull Off Tights And Started To Write In The Stairwell.

Fat woman with hairy pussy pull off tights and started to write in the stairwell.

Nasty Diarrhea At Work!!! (2 Clips In 1)

I ate some pizza the night before which is now making my stomach hurt and I know it’s gonna be a nasty one! I’m at work and I have to go so bad…just as I predicted, my shit comes out runny with all kinds of farting sounds, so nasty! While I’m on the toilet I think I hear my co-worker calling so I have to cut it short…but not to bother, I come back a second time and my poo is just as nasty!!! Diarrhea lovers will love this one 😉