Shit Battle Between Two Lesbian

My Shit Delicious’ You Know? Fress

You really love the taste of my shit, isn’t it? Ooh, it’s delicious. I’ll feed you with my pee and my massive crap. Here, it tastes good! Clean my ass, slave, lick it, suck it and smell. Then you can taste my delicious shit. Are you tasty? ? You can do better than just lick my ass clean. ะก’mon, just take a piece of shit. I know you love eat my shit!

3 Public Bathroom Shitting Clips Compilation

In one clip I pull up my dress in the coffee shop bathroom to reveal my garters and no panties! I then piss and shit everywhere but in the toilet! I take a biggg dump in the pristine white sink ;P Naughty! ——————In another, I strip in front of my phone camera, all the way down to my knit socks and kneel doggy-style on the floor, pushing my ass out to the camera and shit into my open hand ๐Ÿ˜€ I then dump the handful of shit into the toilet and flush it away! —————The last clip is a bathroom with stalls so I have to be extra sneaky – I head into one stall and strip naked then spread my legs and show you pissing and shitting into the bowl while flushing over and over and over! People must’ve been confused and maybe even a little annoyed at how much I was flushing. I wipe and keep flushing again and again!

Mistress Roberta -today’s Breakfast -pov

Today my slave you will have a regular breakfast first pee after soft and creamy shit delicious looking and smelling so bon apetit!

A Shower Of Shit In A Mountain River

Melissa today amazes us all, nothing could be more wonderful than her precious ass shit that comes out soft and hot. A shower of shit in a mountain river, admire slaves!!!