Shit Between Public

I Just Use You As My Toilet

Even complete losers like you have a right to be in my life. Even though its a really small one. I am going to tell you what me and my girlfriends are going to do to you and how even a pathetic jerk like you can be useful.Meanwhile I’m laughing about you and giving you a masturbation instruction.

Goodness Grace’s Fartin’ Around!!

This one is for the fart lovers!!! This is Goodness Grace’s Fartiest clip ever!!! She isn’t usually too gassy, but enjoy as Grace was being great around the house over the past week and was good enought to record a FUNKY have dozen or so of her poots. Enjoy a nice mix of farty clips, as she poots in her bedroom in the morning, in her bathroom in front of the camera and last but not least, just lounging around her house one day. In the last four scenes, she had one gassy day in particular as we were talking via text about “you should record your farts more if possible”. I was lucky enough to catch her on the right day!! That day she was particularly gassy after eating a Bean Burrito the day before!! All the farts that morning lead to her having to take a nice dump later that morning!! Enjoy as she lifts up her dress and spreads her ass to unload!! A nice mix of Farts capped off by a nice dump!!

Spinach Bum

No my poop isn’t green but you will be able to see the spinach in it. This poop was really messy and clean up wasn’t easy. In the end I decided to leave a little in order to do dirty face sitting later that day.