Shit Bizarre Anal

Ass Cleaner Toilet Paper

I don’t have much time today and I really need to take a big shit! My slave is waiting under my ass as usually and I will shit directly in his mouth! My ass hole dirty after shit, and I will make him clean it with his tongue. He is a slave for everything – toilet, toilet paper, shoe cleaner and shit eater. He is non human – he is a toilet!

Mistress Roberta -pantyhose Shitting And Play Part1

Today i get 2 pair of pantyhose one on myself and one for tieing the cock and balls and right over the neck so i can taunt the slave a bit before feeding and i order to my slave to start kiss my pantyhose all over, fart on his face pee in his mouth and after licking my pantyhose clean and shitting in his head inside pantyhose .

Hi I Am Krissy, Eat My Turds…

just eat them…. swallow them… they are from my gorgous body….

Scatfest! – Part 4

They sit on the chair and unload huge chunks of shit on his face! Then they drown his face with warm piss!