Shit By Plane

Topless Mistress Mummificate Her Personal Toilet Slave

In this video, the Goddess decides to go topless and reveal her beautiful round breasts. Today she feels to mummify her slave, but she lets his cock & balls out only for her entertainment. She puts the chastity device and plays with her slave.She enjoys the overall situation : slave has no control over the situation and must accept everything he is given ! While he lays on the ground, the mistress is suffocating him while facesitting. After she considers enough with the breath play, the mistress goes away, telling the slave to wait because she has a surprise. She comes back with a glass of her champagne, which is then poured over the cock, balls and face of the slave. But she has more to give ! Directly from the source. She takes off her pants and orders the slave to lick her, while he get his mouth full of her piss that overflows ! Then she is facesitting the slave backwards, telling him to lick her ass and maybe she will use him as her full toilet slave (in the future time).

Mistressanna – Brownie Dinner And Bonus Video

Imagine that you are my slave and I have decided to serve you dinner. You get to see my face as I tell you what I have in store for you, the perfect symbol of my contempt for you, served on a platter. You get to see the smile I will have on my face as I serve your “dinner” and the complete lack of compassion I will have as I watch you eat it. This is a two for one video and so you get to see me serve you another meal. This time it will be smoother and creamier so you will have to get your face completely in the plate and suck it down your own throat. I am wearing my sharpest high heels just in case you need extra encouragement to be MY TOILET!

Domestic Slave Dominated And Fed Pee And Scat!

A very beautiful mistress who also looks very feminine, but don?t let her appearance mislead you. She is as ruthless as any other mistress you’re likely to encounter. She first dominates him with her feet, ordering him to worship her feet. Once this is complete, she takes position on her favorite chair and feeds him a funnel serving of pee and then pushes out a EXTREMELY long serving of her delicious scat. There is so much shit that she has to feed him chunks of her scat by picking it up using her rubber gloves!

Diarrhea, D’nnschiss, Flitzekacke, Like A Waterfall

it came out of my hole shot! I had a sudden stomach rumbling and then it had to go fast .. pants down and run 🙂 Since it was just shot out of me .. so a huge Pratschhaufen landed between my feet .. I go sometimes get close 🙂 Have fun