Shit Cat Eaters

Toilet Slave Outback Walk Part 2

Girls Uses Man

Goddess Mistress Gaia

CUSTOM REQUESTOne of my most affectionate virtual servant asked me many times to fulfill one of his wish. He has been purchasing all my clips (he doesn’t miss one on yezz), Therefore I decided that it’s time comes to fulfill his wish: let the camera filming me while I’m in bathroom at my house. You may think there is nothing special in doing that; I filmed so many videos like this… The fact that it won’t be how the voyeur dreamed about. Because the punishment, perhaps even more coveted than the desire to watch me, will be exemplary… I’ll wash his face in the most appropriate way… in my shit!

Mistress Gaia – Everything In His Mouth

I have a really full belly, so I have so much shit to pour into the mouth of my toilet slave. But not only shit, but also piss and spits! And he swallows everything, absolutely everything. As a real bottomless sewer! A video really extreme for fans of this genre of movie, shot by me just for you, depraved worshipers of your divine Mistress.P.S: This clips shows real scenes of coprofagy and total male degradation; it not recommended for people who may offended by such images. Youcan send your comments to

Cwm Pooping: Shitting My Onesie & Stroking My Cock

I’m standing up, showing you my ass in a cute blue and red spotted onesie. I moan gently as I tense up and push as hard as I can. You can hear a soft crack as shit visibly fills the back of my onesie, immediately followed by the sound of piss hitting the wooden floor. I gently examine the bulge with my hand and wiggle my ass, spending a moment enjoying the sensation of wearing a onesie full of poop before I get really messy. I squash the bulge with my hand, smearing shit all over my ass before I unbutton my onesie and pull it down. I gently tease my cock while I’m standing with my onesie round my knees, giving you an opportunity to look at my shit covered bum. I turn around so you can watch me as I stroke my throbbing cock. I’m covered in shit, moaning with pleasure as I work my throbbing cock until cum cascades out all over the piss soaked floor…