Shit Cat Fart Poop

Shitting In Mouth Slavegirl In Woods

I like to walk in the woods and use slaves in nature. Slave knowing this tried to Dodge, but she failed! I whipped her good and shat her in the mouth. How she squirmed trying to spit, but I made her eat all my shit. She will learn a lesson for a long time!

3 Dominas Shit And Piss 2 Toilet Slaves In The Mouth

Here I have with my girlfriends Barbara Calucci and Mara, 2 slaves pissing and shitting in the mouth. Each of us had a different consistency while shitting, from hard to liquid everything was there! The two slaves came to their limits with so much delicious shit, they got it in her mouth. Since a slave could no longer swallow and jam, we ordered the other slave who had shit in his mouth to spit this the whining slave in the mouth. We dominated the slave then until he had eaten everything. We also fed him. The horny, piss in the mouth and pooping in the mouth scenes you see it again from 3 camera angles!

Mistress Gaia Directly From The Producer

While I finish eating my meal, after having made him smell good ass, I shit in the mouth of this human toilet. From producer to consumer! This video is the representation of the natural law of domination and submission: some are born to rule, and who to be dominated, who was born to eat well and who was born to eat shit!

Who Of Your Shiteaters Is Up For Toilet Duty Part 3

In this Video the Girls use the Slave to clean their Feet and then to poop into him