Shit Cat On Plate Dish

Messy Shits & Smear

I really love these clips. You will see me shitting around the house again and then in one clip you will see me smear it on my ass. It felt good between my fingers

Alina Pooping In Mouth And Playing With A Toilet Slave

Alina pooping in mouth and playing with a toilet slave. There are days in which Alina forbids a slave to swallow her shit. On this day, the toilet slave can only lick and sniff Alina’s shit. In this video, Alina teases the slave, lets you sniff and lick her shit. The slave dreams of swallowing shit, but Alina just teases him. The slave leaves unsatisfied and expects the next meeting with Alina. A slave is also forbidden to masturbate until the next meeting. Alina trains the slave in such a way that he performs the work of her personal toilet bowl by 100%, because his desire to swallow the shit is getting stronger after Alina’s bans and the slave does not know when she can swallow her shit. Every time Alina allows a slave to swallow her shit, for a toilet slave – a holiday!

Creamy Caviar

Mistress Esme uses her toilet and delivers some creamy caviar.