Shit Cat Party

Open Your Mouth And Drink My Pee

Stripping off of my sexy mini black dress, hot lingerie – bra and panties, high heels, showing my beautiful big labia cunt, asshole, nipples. Riding a huge dildo on the floor and at the end giving an abundant POV golden shower, as if I pee right on your face and mouth!

Toilet Pov

So, you toilet slave are wondering how it feels to be underneath me and Cherry Kiss? How it feels to get our warm champagne over your face and in your toilet mouth? Well here is a treat for you, you can watch our pussies as we shower you with our piss from the beat seat in the house. Under our pussies. 😉

Mistress Roberta – Preparing Breakfast In Bedroom Bed-pov

Today your breakfast will be served in my bedroom bed i will pee all around also and after i am spreading my cheeks so you can get all the shit in your mouth while is hot .

Solid Log

This has got to be the most solid looking turd produce from a female.