Shit Cat Teen

Farts In Pajamas And Poo

Today is a really cloudy day in Italy. Yesterday I had a very heavy appetizer with lots of fries, chips, fish, pizza and pasta! I also drank some glasses and this is the result: my belly is very swollen and a lot of farts keep coming out … until I push even more and a stinking big piece of shit comes out … come see it in a really sexy close position!

Mistress Roberta – Breakfast Inside Panties-pov

Today i serve your tasty breakfast in my blue panties so first i pee sitting on a chair and i poop inside the panties so i can give you the shit in one piece and after you eat all you will have to lick clean the panties too wash it in your mouth with your tongue untill alll the poop is out and also do not forget about my smeared ass .

Curvynicole Squeaky Poop

Pulled my pajama pants down then squatted to give you an awesome close up of my flexing asshole. After spreading out the plastic to my surprise I let out 2 squeaky farts before my huge load slipped out.