Shit Cat Turd Poop Enema

Shit In The Pot 3

I have a baby pot. I want to shit. I’m doing it right in the baby pot. it’s fun. my shit can be seen close-up. I’m pissing in the pot

Shit And Vomit Mix For The Looser P1 Hd Version

The slave has already fetched his degrading painting from the Scatqueens. Now he is on his knees and both ladies spit in his mouth. Then he can watch Lady Kimi pissing in two cups, and shortly thereafter he holds the warm piss in his hands and is spit in his face.

Sophies Dirty Denim

Sophie hasn’t been able to poop for a few days. Her tummy is all big and sore. She is starting to need to go, but it doesn’t help that her toilet is broken and the plumber wont be by to fix it til tomorrow. If she uses it to go poop, she wont be able to flush and the whole house will be all stinky! She is very hungry, especially as she is making a meal for a friend, but she doesn’t know what will happen if she eats anything! Sophie already has to go bad enough, what will happen if she fills her tummy with more food?Her tummy is really starting to ache now! She doesn’t want to, but she can?t help it, she?s gotta go! She crouches down and starts to push the poop out right there on the kitchen floor, in her jeans and panties! Sophie?s gotta go so bad! Her tight blue jeans are so restrictive that the poop actually cant even come out at all, so she pulls them down to reveal her white panties.Sophie is so desperate to go that she doesn’t even care that she has friends coming over soon, she doesn’t care about the mess she is about to make, she doesn’t even care about the smell! As the poop pushes out into her little white panties it pokes against them and you can see it come out, inch by inch! Sophie moans with relief, oh that feels so good!Watch as Sophie caresses the firm mound of poop protruding from hr panties, then squishes it a little between the white cotton and her bum. It feels so warm mushing up against her bum! She bends over on all fours and rubs the load, feeling all the lumps and bumps squishing beneath the fabric. Mmmm, it feels so good! ?You know that I love this feeling ? when my hot shit is in my panties!? She pulls her jeans up and sits down on the floor, sliding over the poop, spreading it all over her dirty bum. She thrusts her hand down her pants and starts to play with her wet pussy as the poop squishes inside her tight jeans. She?s so naughty, she?s your dirty, messy little girl!When she pulls her jeans back down you can see how the poop has spread all up her bottom, almost to the waistband of her panties! She pulls the soiled panties down to show you just how far the poop has smeared over her messy little bum. Sophie finds her favourite dildo and rubs it all over the filthy mess before she sits back down and thrusts it into her messy panties! She moans and she rubs it all over her poopy pussy. It smells so bad, but it feels so good!When she pulls the dildo out she holds it up so you can see how dirty it is. Don?t you wish it was your cock covered with Sophie?s messy poop? She wants to be very dirty for you, so she smears the mess all over her white panties, then turns around and rubs the dildo all over her messy asshole, sliding it in and out and moaning! Finally she turns around and rubs her clit with the dildo until she explodes with a giant orgasm, right there in her messy panties on the kitchen floor!After she recovers, sophie comes closer and shows you just how messy her dildo is, how dirty her panties are and how wet and poopy her pussy is! As she turns around you can see just how big a messy she has made of her white panties! Sophie pulls her tight blue jeans back over her yucky, messy panties. Do you think her friends will be able to smells her filthy panties if she keeps them on?