Shit Cat Vomit

Pants Wetting

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Shit And Watermelon

The bizarre Mistress Giorgia Divina give good morning to all the Shit eat in a new way …. The watermelon!Prepare an exceptional meal for his toilet slave.Always resumed in the foreground, the Mistress takes the shell of a watermelon emptied and starts immediately with an abundant piss.Soon the watermelon is completely filled with the Mistress’s piss, which must go to empty it so it can shit into it.The Mistress then begins a nice shit until it fills again the shell of watermelon, which this time is full of shitAlways sadistic and lover of novelties the Mistress greets all the shit eat and invites you to the next shit!

Schoolgirls Pee On Nasty Professor!

The girls are so made because the nasty prof gave them a failing grade on their finals, which was totally undeserved. To punish him, they cornered him in his office and stripped his clothes off. They collared him and whipped his body. The girls hiked up their skirts and made him eat their cunts. They took turns pissing on his pathetic old body.

Amateur Babe Pissing And Shitting In The Toilet

Amateur babe pissing and shitting in the toilet