Shit Covered Dicks Get Sucked

Whore Eats Poop From The Toilet!

Lush Lady pooped in the toilet and left, after a while in the toilet room comes a whore-shit eater, happy to see that there shit and not washed away! Begins to happily eat poop right out of the toilet!!! The whore eats slightly dried poop…

I Crap You In The Mouth Crappy Toilet Slavet

Mistress Giorgia now assiduously wants a real human toilet every time she has to go to the bathroom, a real Queen like you now should not even touch a ceramic cup!The toilet on duty is made to lie down on the floor in the bathroom, the Mistress sits on his chest and begins a beautiful game spitting and centering the toilet in the mouth.The slave is totally in the hands of Mistress Giorgia who crouches on his face and starts a fantastic piss.The toilet is performing and swallows all the pee of the Mistress, like a real toilet must do!The Mistress is not yet satisfied with his toilet and orders him to keep his mouth open because he wants to shit inside.Soon the Mistress’s chocolate enters the mouth of the lucky toilet slave.

Another Day In The Office Part 2 Diana

This is one of our Fans Favorite Movie. The Girl is chatting in Facebook or where ever and sits on the Slaves Face letting go of some really nasty Poop. While she is entertained the other Girl in Charge pushes it into the Man’s Mouth and makes sure the Poop is being swallowed. English Subtitles

In Line Shitting Part 5

Here the Girls sit on the Furniture and poop and what happens behind them is somebody elses Business Part 5 English Subtitles