Shit Covered Latina

5 Ladies! Part 4. Amina

5 ladies! Part 4. Amina. Girls were well prepared for this meeting, they ate a lot and did not go to the toilet! It was the most painful video in my life. The girls were very well prepared – I was scared, but I did it! I served 5 girls! At some moments it seemed to me that I could not manage, I wanted to stop it all, but I managed to do it! This was the most difficult test.

Mistress Roberta – Hose Cocoon And Enema In Throat

Mistress Roberta make a new fetish movie with a new thing : HOSIERY COCOON ! Because she is full of surprises she call her toilet slave to come at her place in the middle of the week ! She destroying his cock and balls today then putting in a full body hose cocoon and show him more pain….She keep her toilet slave in chastity and she order him to wait for her in the bathtub for a enema session at the end of the meeting. She doing 3-4 enemas and he must receive them right into his throat, to prove her that he is a good toilet.

Hot College Girl Marley Pooping On The Plate (hd Wmv Video 1280×720 Pixels 5000 Kb/s)

Hot college girl Marley pooping on the plate (HD wmv video 1280×720 Pixels 5000 kb/s)

Merciless Scat-torture Session

I was very displeased by one of my slaves, so he must feel my revenge. He will remember this sadistic session for his whole lifetime! A slave is only treated carefully as long as he is standing in my favor? First I torture his penis by sounding it with several iron rods in different diameters. Then I spend time on his balls, that are so fragile in my hands *grin*. But that is not enough. I shit a huge amount of soft, smelling poo in his mouth. His nose is blocked with shit and with the big load in his mouth it was hard for him to breath. ?Yes! Drown in my shit!? After this bad meal I constrained him rigid to bring it up again and then to eat his own vomit. Do not annoy me ever again miserable little cur!