Shit Covered Woman

Diarrhea Is So Liquid

Mistress Roberta used her toilet slave today for many tasks : she order him to accept her asshole on his face and mouth and facesitting him until he cannot breathe. She let him breath from time to time to use with the feeling of no air, while she will feed him later with her great kaviar. He also must lick and smell her farts, beside other things….When was the time, she order him to open wide his potty mouth and wait to receive a nice smelling Diarrhea right into his mouth hole ! She humiliate him more and wrte on his body POT with her shitty diarrhea and feed him with a long blue glove.

Bad Santa! Toilet Bowl Pov Pooping And Pissing!

Yes People also a Santa Rosella must times to the toilet. Here you see how I sit on the toilet and first I ask you if you like it when I sit on toilet! Then you see a Huge Monster shit as well as Piss from 2 camera perspectives from the toilet bowl. You really have the feeling that you are lieing with wide open mouth, under my horny shitting asshole and my Divine shit and piss received! Everything commented with DirtyTalk! So you go with me on the Christmas market? I like it and I hope you too!

Candy -i Love Shitting And Pissing

Here you can see what Candy loves!! First i pissing and he comes little Shit Pralines….then he comes to much soft and thin shit and soft sausages!! Ahh,i love this,big shit for you you KV Lover…..