Shit Coverered

Melissa’s Fan Chronicles!!!

Enjoy these Great new Clips from Melissa as she Chronicles a week worth of peeing and pooping for one of her biggest fans!! For the first time ever, enjoy as Melissa talks to the camera before, during, and even after she uses the toilet!! Enjoy as she describes what she ate and drank to help her produce her usual great loads!! Lots of different locations. At her house, at the club, at work, at a coffee shop, and at the gym! Note this was an old custom just being released to the General public. She doesn’t really show anything coming out as this is for fans of the great sounds she makes peeing and pooping instead. Def a must have for folks like me who enjoy the act of watching a woman poop and pee and the sounds that come out as pee hits the water, farts echo in the bowl, and plops splashing – as opposed to seeing the actual poop itself. Also a must have for you curious to hear what this sexy lady eats and drinks and to hear her sexy voice!!

Lady Missy – Gardentoilet P1

Lady Missy is together with her girlfriend in her garden shed. Unfortunately, there is no toilet. But Lady Missy has a toilet slave for such service. First she has to pee in the mouth of the toilet slave and even poops something. Then she relaxe and smoke a cigarette together with her girlfriend. They talk and from time to time the toilet slave is used to piss.

Mistress Gaia – Masturbate Watching Her Shit And Piss

In this video you can watch me doing my morning needs, that means you will see my shit coming out of my perfect ass and my piss gushing out of my shaved pussy. So you can masturbate as many times as you want by reviewing this video. From life, however, is another thing … try it!

Shit Eating Piss Drinking

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