Shit Drink Gay

Billie’s Crackling Public Ploppage!!

Billie Austin sent in a great new public toilet clip!! Enjoy as she takes a booboo break while out in public one day. Enjoy as she puts that FUNKY poopshooter right in front the camera while she rocks, pushes and strains out some stubborn snakes. Took a minute or so to loosen up, but what sweet relief for Billie!!


Oxana is hot loading messy green shit in tight yellow tights!

Hosiery Full Of Shit

Today Godess were so full and slaves are busy again . .. .She just put a pair of tan pantyhose on her and wanted to see how much shit she had. A huge big pile remain in her pantyhose after she release it. New movies also in our other stores : Toiletslaveanddommes and eatingallshitfromgodesscheck them and buy them to help us going further

Crass Pov -i Shit Of You

Ah I Love POV- KV Videos,You can think in your Fantasie-Candy shitting directly in you mouth!! Come and see in my Asshole when the shit comes slowly on my rosette…..ah come lick my clean slave!!