Shit During Amal

Domme Barbie Strap On & Kaviar Play

Today Mistress Parvati felt like dressing up like a kinky doll and is wearing an intense pink body and sheer pantyhose. The domme doll puts on a pink strap on, to fit the colour of her body and invites her slave to fuck his ass. She fools him that she will fuck him soft. Instead of doing so, she fucks him in a hardcore way, like a fucking machine. At one point she inserts also 4 fingers inside his asshole, together with the strap on, doing a double penetration. The kinky doll also covers his mouth with her hand and fucks him hard. After she is satisfied with the fucking, the goddess-doll invites her toilet slave in the bathroom. While he rests in the water the doll does an enema in his mouth. Because dolls like to play, she puts two pieces of shit in his mouth and then orders him to spit it and rub his cock with her shit.

Kinky Lisa Just Shit Inside

just shit and piss in slaves mouth its kinky lisas world

Scat Show In White Nylons And White Mask

Today I feel that I have a sparse shit and then I had to take advantage of it.Today I feel that I have a sparse shit and then I had to take advantage of it. I asked the cameraman on cooperation and he said of course, if you suck my dick.The agreement was quickly and you can start a dirty game.First, I’ll venturing free poop in the tub, then anoint your face and give you shit in my mouth…Further shit on my breasts and caress and be excited equally excited … my cameraman starting to suck his dick from my dirty shit….

Accidental Diarrhea!!!

I just got home and have been holding my poo for a while as I was on a long drive! I get home and there’s someone in the bathroom, OMG!!! I have to GO!!! Well, needless to say…I start to shit myself in my white pants and oh shit, it’s DIARRHEA!!! My pants get all brown with diarrhea as I keep pooping in it, I take it off so you can see the liquid poop coming outta my tight asshole. I also get to play with my pussy a little bit before putting my pants back on…what a mess!!!